Careers in Multimedia

Careers in Multimedia Your path to glory begins here. ARENA ANIMATION AJMER is where you will not just discover, but ignite the leader inside you. An environment that provides richness and variety at every step. A space and a team that allows you to learn,explore and contribute. A sphere that maximizes your potential through on the Job Challenges and meaningful conversations. With diverse opportunities in various functions & disciplines you get the platform which stands to provide you not only functional expertise, but also an insight into cross functional collaboration.A culture where merit is rewarded, openeness is fostered and individual opinion is respected Truly, a workplace which lets you make your own path Your Identity!

Learning is an integral part of the culture at Arena Animation Ajmer. Here we believe that learning is best achieved by observation, experimentation and reflection. We follow the 70:20:10 rule of learning: 70% of learning happens on the job, 20% of learning happens through observation and interactions with our colleagues, 10% of learning happens in classrooms with instruction-led interventions. Hence all our learning initiatives incorporate all these elements of learning.

At Arena Animation Ajmer we thrive to advocate a performance oriented culture in the organization. An individual learns tremendously from a highly competent set of professional peers and grows in the organization. An unbiased Performance Focused Management System ensures that one is appropriately recognized and rewarded for his/her consistent performance, result orientation and contribution.

The key elements of the Compensation Philosophy at Arena Animation Ajmer are based on its commitment to fairness in compensation, transparency and in communication. Arena Animation Ajmer compensation is benchmarked regularly with external market towards a competitive reward structure. At the same time, it believes in strong internal equity and thereby practices effective compensation and benefit policies for employees.

We constantly look for the right questions. What a problem is and what it is not. Details! Applying group intelligence to a variety of problems. Constantly seeking to understand and identify the key issues. At Arena Animation Ajmer, we encourage you to grow by learning on the job. And thats how an individual’s contribution flows.What do you think?